• EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Voltz Unlocks Hidden Superpowers with “Superhero”
    Singer-songwriter Jeremy Voltz knows a thing or two about hidden superpowers. He’s also a mathematician.  On his latest single, “Superhero,” produced by Montreal collaborator Oliver Charles, Voltz encourages others to unlock their own secret superpower.  “This song calls for you to be curious about your inner strength, and to have the courage to show up … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Kanwal Talks “Tuggin’ Me Back” and New Rage Funk Genre
    Kanwal is flipping pop on its head with his first studio single, “Tuggin’ Me Back.”  Kanwal grew up on the fringes of society. As a shy New Yorker raised by an Indian/Sikh father and a Russian/Jewish mother, he never felt like he fit in. “I didn’t look like the other kids, and it felt like … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Nxdia Gives ECHO a Peek Inside Their Head and the ‘in the flesh’ EP
    Alternative-pop singer-songwriter Nxdia recently released their vibrant new project, in the flesh.  On the six-track EP, Nxdia invites listeners into their head with beats that will get stuck in yours. Inspired by her youth in a Cairo cinema,  Nxida utilizes sounds, instruments, and textures that transport listeners to moments of anger, observation, confrontation, accountability, and … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: KAKI Talks Self-Doubt and New Single “things i would change”
    ECHO is excited to introduce our readers to LA-based pop artist, KAKI.  On her new single co-written and produced with waverly, “things i would change,” KAKI gets vulnerable as she sings about doubting herself.   We recently chatted with KAKI to dig deeper into navigating insecurities, what fans can look forward to next, and more!  What … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Echoes of Artistry: A Captivating Conversation with Actor Charlie Goddard
    In the bustling heart of London, we caught up with the versatile actor, Charlie Goddard, for an engaging conversation about life, art, and his remarkable journey in the world of entertainment. As we delved into the city’s vibrant cultural tapestry, Charlie shared his favorite spots and the inspiring encounters that fuel his creativity. From the … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Frawley Chats “Figure You Out”
    A good cry feels great, but letting those tears flow to a Frawley song is even better.  Rising pop singer-songwriter Frawley first hit the scene with her breakthrough 2021 single  “No One Can Fix Me,” followed by “If I Don’t Laugh, I’ll Cry.” Both songs showcase her ability to find clarity in raw emotions.  Over … Read more
  • Cian Ducrot Emerges Victorious with Debut Album ‘Victory’
    Following the release of his single “Crocodiles” in 2021,  we asked Cian Ducrot what fans could look forward to next. He replied, “So much music straight from my heart!” Much to fans’ delight, he has delivered on that promise with a series of viral singles and his debut album, Victory.  However, the journey to get … Read more
  • PODCAST: Oscar Lang Chats Sophomore EP ‘Look Now’
    All eyes are on fast-rising indie-pop artist Oscar Lang who has returned with his long-awaited sophomore album, Look Now.  Following the collapse of his first relationship and his subsequent heartbreak, Oscar turned to music for cathartic release. The result is his most soul-bearing and mature offering to date.  On our podcast, we chatted with Oscar … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Tim Atlas Chats New EP ‘ Le Soir’
    Singer, songwriter, and producer Tim Atlas has dropped his latest EP Le Soir.  The project features the sublime summer groove “Attractive,” which is “a lesson in simplicity” with its unfiltered lyrics and stripped-back production. This lucidity is something that Atlas continued to experiment with on the rest of the EP.  Inspired by late nights and … Read more
  • Reneé Rapp Arrives with Debut Album ‘Snow Angel’
    Today I woke up in a good mood for once… because Reneé Rapp’s debut album has arrived! Produced by Alexander 23, Snow Angel blows in like the calm after the storm, a culmination of years of heartbreak, hard work, and self-discovery. This venture into music isn’t just for the plot, it was part of this … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Isabel Dumaa Experiences a “Quarter Life Crisis”
    Forget a mid-life crisis. Isabel Dumaa is navigating the transitional dilemma about 20 years prematurely on her new single “Quarter Life Crisis.” Following a move from San Fransisco to LA to pursue music, Isabel struggled to find where she fit in music and her new home, sparking a quarter-life crisis, and the inspiration for the … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Ritho Talks New Single “Never Fall In Love”
    Following his single “Fantisising,” London-based indie, dream pop artist, Ritho is once again putting the struggles of a twenty-something into words on one of his latest tracks, “Never Fall In Love.”  Poetry for an overthinker, “Never Fall In Love” expresses overwhelming fear of the potential pain of losing someone. The dreamy and driving soundscape juxtaposed … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Jonah Kagen Reflects on Emotional New Single “The Roads”
    Music can often be transportive, taking you back to places and pivotal moments. Jonah Kagen’s latest folk-rock number does just that.  “The Roads,” written and produced by Jonah, with additional production by Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Brandi Carlile, Vance Joy, Zach Bryan), evokes memories of heartbreak, transition, and growth.  “These roads are changing me, but … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Kinsley Talks ‘Ascension’ EP
    Rising artist Sarah Kinsley first began her ascent on Tiktok with her single “The King.” Listeners instantly gravitated to her dreamlike indie-pop sound that fluctuates between danceable and cleansing. Those fans can once again experience that continuum on her critically acclaimed EP Ascension featuring “On No Darling!” The 5 track project acts as a time … Read more
  • Lauren Spencer Smith Reflects on Debut Album ‘Mirror’
    “There was never one person who was in my life from three years ago to now…but my mirror was the only thing that was a constant that witnessed absolutely everything…your mirror is the only thing that truly sees you.” This revelation is the inspiration behind Mirror, the debut album from multi-platinum artist Lauren Spencer Smith.  … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Emma Ogier Talks Debut Single “First Base” and More
    Emerging singer-songwriter Emma Ogier has hit it out of the park with her debut single, “First Base.”  On the song, co-written and produced by Doug Schadt (Ashe, Maggie Rogers, Claire Rosinkranz), Emma sings of the frustration that comes with “sticking around for someone who wouldn’t stick around for you.” The track showcases Emma’s heartfelt lyricism. … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Gabi Sklar Talks “Good Kisser”
    Featured Photo Credit: Bonnie Nichoalds “Pardon My French” singer Gabi Sklar is kissing and telling on her sultry new single “Good Kisser.”  The temping track “explores the ‘maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t’ relationship with a really good friend,” she says.  What’s a good kiss without cherry red lipstick? Gabi collaborated with director Justin Thorne … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Etham Chats “Guilty” and Upcoming EP
    After captivating fans worldwide with his first EPs, Better Now (2018) and Stripped (2019), Etham has returned with his new single, “Guilty” and upcoming EP.   The uplifting song processes a breakup through a hopeful lens coming to the conclusion that even with sadness, there is room for hope.  We chatted with the UK singer-songwriter about … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Sam Short Opens Up About Her New Single “I Wouldn’t Love Me”
    Long-time songwriter Sam Short made her solo artist debut in 2022 with the release of “Already Mine.” The viral empowerment anthem introduced her rapidly growing fanbase to her ability to turn the most vulnerable and taboo subjects into devastatingly beautiful pop songs.  Her latest song, “I Wouldn’t Love Me,” finds dysphoria in euphoria. On the … Read more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Noah Guy Chats Honest and Vulnerable New Single “Brother’s Keeper”
    On Noah Guy’s new single “Brother’s Keeper,” we meet the rising soul-pop singer at his most honest and vulnerable yet.  The anthemic ode and intimate apology expresses Guy’s regret for not actively fostering a relationship with his brother. Progressive synths, live percussion, poignant lyrics, and his “Motown’s Greatest Hits” upbringing create a melody that breaks … Read more