EXCLUSIVE: Dean Maupin Is A Musical Odyssey from #MetGalaBoys2023 to Global Inspirations

Dean Maupin, a cosmopolitan and well-traveled musical sensation making waves on the rise. With a voice that is both clear and well-controlled, Maupin skillfully layers it atop sensual guitar strumming or heartbreak-infused instrumental tracks, showcasing his rhythmic and sensual musical prowess. His latest single, “I’d Be Mad,” stands as a testament to his artistry—a compelling and intense love song where the anger emanates through the ballistic beat. Earlier this year, Maupin made a splash as one of the viral #MetGalaBoys2023, joining Mitch Cochran and Hunter Nance as extras on the iconic carpet, adding depth to the character and the overall image of the event. Since then, Maupin has experienced a surge in music and streams, seizing the opportunity to transform his talent into a burgeoning career.

You’re well-traveled and cosmopolitan; how has that global culture and diverse life experiences influenced your music?

Oh, definitely. Music is all about stories, right? So, every new place brings new stories and perspectives.

I remember studying abroad during college; it was transformative. I spent months in Prague, traveled across Europe, and even went to Egypt during spring break with my closest friends. My parents instilled a travel bug in me, and I always wanted to see historical places. Egypt, Italy, and Greece were the last two on my list, so we decided to knock them out during spring break.

Oh, you must have been overwhelmed with the history you walked through.

Oh yeah, it was amazing. I loved every second.

How often do you think about the Roman Empire?

Often, actually. It’s tied to everything, even the months—July named after Julius Caesar, and August after Augustus.

Mind blown. What’s one life quote you’d want to echo to listeners?

“Someone’s gotta do it.” It means if you don’t, someone else will. So, it might as well be you.

Explore the full interview with Dean Maupin on the ECHO podcast. Stream his latest single, “I’d Be Mad,” below!


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