ECHO EXCLUSIVE: Reunited for a new Musical Chapter: Nat and Alex Wolff Discuss ‘Table For Two’

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

After a 12-year hiatus, the dynamic duo, Nat and Alex Wolff, opens up about their musical return, the pandemic’s impact, and the personal challenges that shaped their latest album. From sibling antics during lockdown to the poignant inspiration behind ‘Table For Two,’ the Wolff brothers share insights into their evolving sound and the significance of their mother’s birthday on release day. Read along our convo with Nat and Alex below.

What inspired your return to the studio with ‘Table For Two’ after a 12-year hiatus?

Alex and I got to spend a year in Covid living together for the first time since we were teenagers. We spent the whole time writing music and playing it together. And when we got out of lockdown we had 100 songs and we’re ready to get back in the studio. 

Coming back and living with each other during the pandemic after some time apart, did you learn anything new about each other?

I learned that Alex loves to use my suede coat to keep the window open in his room without my consent. Also we’re both the most creative after midnight  

Can you share insights into the significance of the release day, coinciding with your mother’s birthday, who played a crucial role in your early music career?

We’re mama’s boys. No shame.  

What makes ‘Table For Two’ different from your previous works, and how does it represent a new musical era for you two?

We’ve both been so lucky professionally in our lives, but in the interim between “public places” and “table for two” we faced some really difficult challenges in our personal lives. And I think those challenges led us to grow as people and as musicians and lyricists.  

What is the story behind the track list of ‘Table For Two.’ Is there a song that stands out the most?

Our dad got diagnosed with cancer and struggled for a few years and against the odds, fully recovered. I wrote the song “All my plans (shake)” about it and I think it’s my most deeply felt song. Alex’s song “lucky you” is the grooviest song either of us has ever written and playing it live is always a party. 

What is one quote you both heard in life that you’d want to ECHO out to listeners?

“Take care of your memories for you cannot relive them” – Bob Dylan.