ECHO EXCLUSIVE: Unveiling the Authenticity of TikTok Sensation Alexa Williams: A Journey of Spontaneity and Self-Expression

In the realm of TikTok, authenticity reigns supreme. Yet, it took a trailblazer like Alexa Williams to infuse the platform with a fresh wave of spontaneity and fun. As she gears up to share her insights, experiences, and infectious energy, we delve into her journey of self-expression, viral hits, and aspirations.

Read our vibrant conversation with Alexa Williams, the effervescent force behind your phone screens, as she shares her unfiltered perspective on TikTok, viral sensations, and the pursuit of dreams.

You seem to be the first person just letting loose on TikTok, making it more fun and spontaneous. Why do you think it took this long for TikTok to embrace a more unserious vibe compared to planned and choreographed content?

If I’m being completely honest I just am on my social media to have a good time. As a viewer I personally don’t enjoy watching people if they aren’t being authentically themselves. I am a loud, theatrical, fiery human anyway so dancing and having a good time is what I love to do. I grew up with music as a huge influence – as I’ve danced since I was tiny but also my dad had and still does influence me to really enjoy music. If I’m out I’ll be the first one just dancing away like I really don’t care. Just wanna have a laugh and I want to show that in my videos – it shows my personality. I will add that I am not constantly “happy” – I obviously have bad days and I want to make that clear. I have my struggles but I just wanna try make the most of my life and vibe with the people around me that I care about. That’s what matters. 

You seemingly single-handedly made ‘Tell Me Ma’ go viral. What about that song that makes you bounce off the walls with excitement and contributes to its surge in popularity?

Where do I begin with ‘Tell Me Ma’… Firstly, what a bloody great tune. Also, as a ginger I always get comments that I MUST be Irish – just to clarify I am not!!! I WISH!!! But, I do love Irish people. It sounds stupid and I feel stupid saying it but they just have a proper old soul full of love and it shows within their music. When I say I love ANY form of music. If it has a vibe. It’s a vibe for me. I think me just having a joke around to a great song and with me being ginger it did do well. Obviously I’ll get comments saying “this is boring now” etc… But hun I’m having a good time and I genuinely listen to that song before I go out to get me in a good mood!!!

Would your friends describe you as having a Mama-Mia-like energy? What aspects of your personality contribute to that vibrant and energetic vibe?

Yes. 110%. I mean I am a theatre kid at heart. I always will be. I’ve always been so enthusiastic with performing. I’ve never been the best but god do I love it. So the theatre side of my personality of having that thick skin and not caring what people think because you do have to have that to do theatre. Everyone will have an opinion on you. Auditions are you literally getting judged on what you love to do. You constantly are having to prove if you are good enough, so you have to really not care. This means that I just do what I do and be who I am. I’m a big personality but that’s just me. I wouldn’t change that for anyone. What’s the point? I entertain myself and have the right people around me who support me and I’ll always be grateful for that.

As an aspiring actress, you’ve had multiple auditions. Can you share any awkward audition experiences that you believe provided valuable lessons for improvement in future auditions?

In college, if we had to audition for anything I always used to cry in the singing audition. I laugh about it now but honestly I went through a huge mental block up until my third year within my singing. I think having a huge personality outside of my training people will often assume I’m arrogant within the arts. But, I did struggle with my confidence massively. I’m not even talking about slight nerves – I would almost say to the bridge of panic attacks. It was hard to deal with in college as you’re constantly trying to prove yourself but the one piece of advice I have is that you have to go into that room and not put yourself down in anyway before you enter. Realising you deserve to be there and that you’re there for a reason. You cannot physically fail. You can only grow. It took me a while to realise that if I don’t love myself and talking to myself (in my own head) in a positive way it’s gonna really affect how I perform. It’s all experience at the end of the day. Those “No’s” are just you getting closer to that Yes. 

Are there dream roles you want to land first?

Les Miserables will always be my dream show. I just remember watching it and knowing that one day I will be in that. My dream would be to swing the show and do ensemble track whilst covering a lead. It has always been that show that just made me love what I do. Nancy in Oliver would also be a dream but I need to work on the cockney accent first ahahah!!!! 

Also, I’d love to be in a Netflix series but that’s dreaming big. Something like Sex Education, Outer Banks vibe. I would love to really step into acting. Hopefully, I will soon!

Hosting for BBC on the red carpet is a remarkable accomplishment. How did that opportunity come about, and what was the experience like being in the spotlight as a host for such a prestigious event?

Alexa Williams Hosting for BBC

All the credit has to go to my amazing agents at Encanta Talent Management. I’ve recently just signed with them and so many opportunities are now opening for me. They really are a family and look out for their clients. They asked me on a whim if I’d like to have my first carpet experience and obviously I was hesitant as I’ve never tried interviewing before. But I knew I had to do it. I’d regret it if I didn’t. It truly was an amazing experience and I was extremely anxious but sometimes you just have to tell yourself. GO FOR IT. My friends and family are so supportive for everything I do so I really just wanted to show them I can do it and I will. I know I have so much to learn but all you need is to be given the chance and Encanta gave me that. I’ll forever be grateful for them and I can’t wait for the future. We are going up. 

To echo inspiration to our readers, can you share one quote from your life that has resonated with you, something you’d want to pass on to others?

You will never get this moment again. I know it is “cringe” but you really won’t. I wish people would stop comparing their lives and feeling judged or pressured to be someone and do something. Whatever makes you happy – stick with that. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because you won’t ever have this moment again. Who knows how many moments you will have. So just take every chance and live your life and stop overthinking everything. Trust yourself. You are doing great. Keep going.