ECHO EXCLUSIVE: Harmony Beyond Keys: Marvin Rose’s Journey Through Music, Modeling, and More

Feature Photo Credit: Daniel Grand

Embarking on a musical odyssey that intertwines piano mastery, soulful vocals, and a flair for fashion, Marvin Rose opens up about the harmonious challenges of merging these diverse passions. From composing melodies inspired by the ambiance of different pianos to navigating the intricacies of social media platforms, Marvin shares insights into his artistic journey, interactions with followers, and teases upcoming projects that blend the realms of art and music. Read along for an conversation with the multifaceted Marvin Rose, where authenticity, musical innovation, and a dash of aesthetic charm take center stage.

How do you balance your passion for playing the piano, singing, and modeling? Are there challenges in managing these different aspects of your career?

I’ve been playing the keys since I was a little kid and started singing when I turned 18 or 19. Trying to match the vocal game with my piano skills has been a challenge, especially for me as a perfectionist, you know how it is – gotta be perfect. Modeling, on the other hand, has always been a side thing for me but I love it.

You effortlessly can compose piano songs. Can you share your creative process when coming up with new melodies? Are there specific inspirations that drive your compositions?

You know, when I dive into composing, it’s like my fingers have their own little brains. The piano sound itself is often a big inspiration for me. My compositions are catching different vibes depending on where I am. Take me to a sick modern studio with an electric piano, and it’s gonna sound different to a vintage grand hall, poppin’ off on a Steinway, and it’s like stepping into a classic movie scene. Sometimes I get hit with direct inspo from specific songs though! It can be classical or a trendy pop song. I will just try to recreate the mood on the piano. It’s easy for me to feel those moods, it feels like second nature. One of my favorite things to do is composing live on stage. The energy, the vibe – it’s like this magical connection with the audience. I look out there, and it’s not just about playing notes, it’s about creating this whole mood. That’s the real magic for me.

Given your interest in fashion, do you have any specific fashion icons or styles that influence your personal taste? How does your aesthetic sense play a role in both your modeling and personal style?

I don’t have any icons, neither in fashion nor in music. Sure, I get influenced, but it’s more subconsciously. I mean I am known for playing the piano shirtless which is a story for itself. I don’t think that has much to do with fashion, maybe with aesthetic. But I would say that fashion obviously plays a huge role and can be so well connected with music since it is both art and I would love to explore the possibility of working together with fashion brands for piano shows. I see a huge potential there. Imagine a fashion show with an extraordinary fashion-piano-performance!

With the positive impact of your music on followers, have you ever considered collaborating with other musicians or artists? If so, who would be your dream collaboration?

Since my style in music is so diverse, from classical to dance music, there’s a lot of artists I could see myself collaborating with. There’s no specific artist on my radar now, someone like Charlie Puth stands out. He’s a genius and involved in a lot of songs with other artists. I also like his piano-singing-combination.

Interacting with followers is crucial for you. How do you maintain that connection, and have there been any memorable interactions that stood out to you?

Engaging with my followers is a daily thing for me. It’s important for me to scroll through the comments under my posts, responding to the people showing love. I have now met a few people who told me they started playing piano because of me and that my music supported them in their life. That’s very memorable and one of the best types of feedback you can hear as an artist, I think.

Of course there’s the importance of authenticity. How do you ensure that your content remains true to yourself while also meeting the expectations of your diverse audience?

Love that question! Staying true to myself is very important to me. Never forgetting where I come from is a big part of who I am. Let’s talk about the shirtless thing – it’s what I’m known for. I have been this way long before the whole social media scene picked up. It’s just my natural, comfortable state. My brother is the same way. We’re usually both shirtless at home. As I started uploading my videos on social media, I noticed the crowd wasn’t just there for the music, looks got into the mix too. It’s a balance, you know? I get it, people choose musicians who bring both talent and looks to the table. My social platforms like Instagram and TikTok have different audiences so I realized I can target a very wide range of people. It’s all about marketing and hitting the right crowd. At the end of the day, I create art and piano is an instrument that most people love so I have a lot of people I can potentially reach with my music, that’s important. Looks attract, art keeps.

Having started on TikTok recently, how do you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities on that platform compared to Instagram? 

I have started TikTok a few years ago but then I stopped doing it for several reasons. Now, I’m back in the game with some new accounts, dropping more piano videos! I did not promote these accounts from my current social media because I want to bring in a new audience. Consistency is key, so I’m just sticking to the plan. It’s how I’ve rolled so far, and it’s paying off. Every day brings in unexpected opportunities, and I’m here for them!

As a forward-looking question, can you share any upcoming projects or goals you have in mind for the next year, considering your musical and modeling aspirations?

I have got some big projects coming up, but I can’t talk about them yet. It’s not just music but it has something to do with art and music. That’s all I can say. Other than that, I will be performing with piano and singing again. We’re currently planning where I am playing this coming year. I will reveal this on my Instagram in two months!

How has criticism or negative comments impacted your journey, and what advice would you give to others dealing with similar challenges on social media?

If there’s no haters, then no one cares about you. I see haters like superfans because at the end of the day they will help me push up my content!

With your interest in the music industry and fashion, do you see yourself exploring opportunities in film or TV in the future, perhaps combining your skills in a multidisciplinary way?

Yes, that is very possible!

What’s one quote in life you’ve heard that you’d want to ECHO out to fans? 

There are so many good ones! But I came up with this one during the interview: “Looks attract, art keeps.”

What’s next for Marvin Rose? 

The gym… I gotta had off to the gym