EXCLUSIVE: Mitch Cochran Talks MET Gala, Acting Classes and More

If your TikTok algorithm favors aesthetically handsome men, chances are you caught a glimpse of the #MetGalaBoys2023 on your FYP, and among them was the rakish Mitch Cochran. Hailing from Detroit, Cochran graced the prestigious Met Gala Carpet in NYC at The MET, marking a significant step in his pursuit of acting as a lifelong career goal. Riding the wave of his viral trend success, Cochran seized the opportunity to dive into acting classes and start working his way to success. Read below for a preview into our podcast interview for more on his journey.

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How was your Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite dish? 

My Thanksgiving was great. Like I said, it was nice to see a lot of family members I haven’t seen in a while, uh, regroup, you know, learn about what they’ve been up to the last, you know, six, eight months.

But speaking of Thanksgiving dishes, which has been a topic of the last couple of weeks, I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving food. 

Really? Why? 

By all means. It’s good. I’ll eat it. Of course. Turkey. Stuffing. Take it or leave it. But the green bean casserole. For sure. I’m for it. Okay. If I showed up to my aunt’s house and they just had like a bunch of Wendy’s, I would have been like, Oh, thrilled, you know,.

You’re a simple person.

If you ask me my favorite dish, I will lean towards the pie section; my grandma makes this cookie crumble. Uh, what’s it called? Graham cracker cream pie, man. Oh my God. 

So you mentioned all over the place right now. You’re a; you’re a mover and shaker in a sense cause you’re in LA and New York; you’re giving your career a Kickstarter. What do you do specifically, like, especially this time of year? What do you do to stay grounded and focused in a way? How do you keep consistency in your life with an ever-changing flow? 

Honestly, it starts with just having the right people around me.

And that starts with my parents, my sister, some of my boys back home, and some of my buddies in New York, who are almost family to this point. They keep me grounded, and I’ve asked higher-up people in my field the same question you just asked. Because towards the last six, seven, and eight months, my career started to become legitimate.

It seems like now, when I break it down, it just felt like the world was spinning around me while I was still trying to keep my path, especially with everything being last minute in this kind of industry, so what kept me grounded is just FaceTime and my parents and, my buddies, honestly, and just making it simple, you know, breaking it down, letting, and luckily they do it for me.

But they let me think out loud, you know, and just giving someone to speak to and their response and just saying it out loud to somebody helps you, you know, break it down and, you know, make it more transparent and less foggy. I love that. Yeah. No, as you said, this industry can be so loud. So it’s essential to have that, like, you know, people to talk to just about the simple little things in life, that gives you more purpose in a way.

What inspired you to get into acting?

It’s a newfound passion, to be honest with you. I grew up playing sports. And only sports. That’s the only thing that mattered to me growing up.

Hence, I only had a background in film or many movies outside of Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler. But when I broke into modeling two, three years ago, when I was at that fresh start of my career, there was a lot to learn and work on, which I did over those two-three years. The past year, I got to the point where.

I hit the ceiling with modeling, which there’s always stuff to improve on, but I understand how to hit my angles, network, etc. That’s what brought me to the acting scene. You can show only so much personality in modeling since it’s more just an image.

So, when I realized that, I started hitting a plateau of how I could show off my personality through my work. When I realized that, I also crossed paths with a few buddies who were established in the acting scene and picked their brains, you know, got insight. And it just seemed like something that I would fall in love with.

Eventually, I took the next step into a class and started watching more films. And it was like a flip of the switch overnight. It’s my true passion now. It’s like, I can’t see myself doing anything else in these next, you know, honestly, 10, 20, 30 years.

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