EXCLUSIVE: Creed McKinnon Chats Latest Business Venture, Versaware

From bringing the heat on screen to bringing the spices into the kitchen, Creed McKinnon has an eclectic career, from Netflix stardom to health nut, chef extraordinaire. We chatted with Creed about his business ventures with his latest kitchen appliance company, Versa

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

To start off, how’s your day going amidst this delightful London summer?

My day has been amazing, I have had a lot of dreamy things happen recently in all aspects of
life so I am cheerful! London summer has been absolutely amazing, it has been my first summer
on this side of the world and it has been all that I have dreamt of it being. London has been an
amazing place to be based with such beautiful European cities being just a stone throw away. I
was able to experience a few cities this summer in Spain, Italy and Belgium just to name a few.
Your venture into the culinary world with Versaware Technologies is captivating.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

What unique features do your products offer to elevate the cooking experience?

Versaware is an end-to-end smart kitchen appliance company that really encapsulates the
whole user journey from meal planning to grocery delivery with recipe run-throughs all whilst
knowing the exact nutrition in the food that you are consuming. In my opinion, there hasn’t been
much innovation in the kitchen in comparison to other areas of our life so it really is time to
create something life changing in the kitchen that’ll really help people become healthier.
We use AI features that create a perfectly personalized meal plan for users while also helping
them follow recipes on the appliance itself. We also have grocery delivery capability to save you
even more time in the kitchen. Versaware has created a unique health score that simplifies the
way that we view food while getting a strong understanding of the nutrients in a simple

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

Curious to know, what’s your go-to dish to create using your innovative cooking

That is a great question… I absolutely love a nice buddha bowl or some variation of a nutritious
and warm bowl full of color. I love sweet potato, tofu, greens, peppers, the whole lot! I really try
to “eat the rainbow” as my mum would always say. However, I am a big fan of Italian food when
I am craving something a little more comforting.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

Considering your active lifestyle, could you share some of your favorite pre-workout
meals that keep you energized?

I love to workout in the morning so I typically have something pretty light pre-workout. I
absolutely love cutting a date open and filling it with peanut butter as it is a great source of
carbohydrates, protein and fat while tasting like a little sweet to start the day. However, if I need
something a bit more substantial, I always go for toast with peanut butter topped with banana
and cinnamon.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

Envisioning an ideal cooking scenario, what setting would you consider perfect for
crafting your signature dish?

I love a kitchen that has fresh and growing herbs in it. I love plants in the home and kitchen so
having an open plan kitchen with some family and friends in the room as I make a tasty dish
would be the ideal scenario. I love colorful environments with a nature aspect as it really gets
me excited whilst feeling creative and inspired.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

We all have quotes that resonate with us. Is there a particular life motto or phrase that
you’d like to echo out to your fans?

I have a few life mottos for different occasions, so I will list a few:

  • Help people become better than how you found them
  • Happiness is a direction
  • Fortune favors the brave and health is wealth
Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

What is next for Creed McKinnon?

As someone who is 25 years old, I feel like I have the world at my feet but some days I
feel like I am running out of time so it is an interesting scenario for me. Right now my
main focus is to grow and scale Versaware, I started it at university in my bedroom when
I had nothing alongside my amazing co-founders, and it is a product that can change the
world for the better so it deserves a lot of attention. I am also really enjoying working with
amazing brands and people allowing me to get the creative juices flowing for exciting
campaigns. I have thoroughly appreciated experiencing red carpet events for movies
and modeling for high-end brands too. I have a solid 5 year plan that will take me to 30
and then we will see where we land, but I would say keep your eyes out for what Creed
McKinnon has in store.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

You can check out Creed’s Versaware here to spice up your cooking ventures.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan
Photo Credit: Will Heffernan
Photo Credit: Will Heffernan