ECHO EXCLUSIVE: Unveiling the Wit and Wisdom of TikTok Star Greyson Hoelzel

In the ever-evolving landscape of TikTok, one name stands out for his unique blend of humor, relatability and interactive charm – Greyson Hoelzel.

Behind the wheel of his car, Greyson, also known by his handle guyinhiscar, provides hilarious commentary and quips on mundane experiences like smelling scented candles and dating.

ECHO went along for the ride to learn more about the man behind the laughter and the stories that fuel his digital charisma.

How do you pick topics for sarcasm, and does your upbringing play a role?

Usually a lot of my content comes from interactions I have with other people or with comments online. I often find myself in situations that are not ideal but are extremely humorous. So I just bring those to life in the humor that I display in videos. My upbringing definitely plays a huge factor. My role in my family growing up was very much that of an entertainer and a joker. My family, just like any family, often fights or bickers when we are too close to each other for too long. So when my sisters begin to fight or my role/job was to step in and make a joke to ease the tensions or humorously change the subject.

Who are your top comedy influences, and how do they inspire your own comedic style?

I would say that I am not influenced by true comedians because what they do and what I do are very different. I can not write a joke to save my life, therefore to try and choose a real comedian as someone who influences my style would not be fair to any comedian. That being said there are several ways in which the punch line or tik tok video are delivered so that they maximize the comedic effect I am intending. 

Which comedian would you collaborate with dead or alive?

I would not select a comedian. I would instead want to sit down and have a conversation with a royal court jester from like the 15th century. Their job was literally just to entertain or die. Sometimes thats how I feel. Like my purpose is to make people laugh and if I can’t do that then what? So seeing that and having a discussion with them would be extremely rewarding. 

Ins and Outs for 2024:


  1. Chilis
  2. The muppets movie (2011)
  3. Complex or classical architecture
  4. Ordering domino’s pizza after 1am
  5. Wearing those fake glasses with the nose and mustache in public in order to stalk your friends without them noticing you
  6. Pickle ball but but not in the retired rich white person way, but in a way more casual fun way


  1. Kia souls
  2. Muppets from space
  3. The noise fire alarms make
  4. Gorilla glue and gorilla tape
  5. The state of rhode island

As discussed in a recent New Yorker podcast, Considering the current scrutiny of stand-up comedians for their choice of material, how would you describe the changing dynamics in the comedy scene in recent years?

Comedy has come under a lot of fire recently, but I think that is just due to the exponential increase in the amount of people engaging in comedy now. In the last 5 years alone numerous comedy clubs and comedians themselves have popped up and become very known. Everyone wants to laugh, but not every comedian is fit for everyone. I don’t watch comedians that I don’t like or agree with, but the truth is, people are allowed to say what they want. I think it shows through their comedy that their opinions make them not very funny, but I just don’t watch them. People on tik tok don’t think I am funny based on the content I make and that is totally fine.

What is one quote you’ve heard in life that you’d want to ECHO out to readers?

The best quote and the only quote I live by: “Commit to the bit.” Stick by it forever. Thank you.

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Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

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