Mimi Webb Greets Fans With “Goodbye” in Powerful New Single

Photo Credit: Grant Spanier

On May 27, UK pop singer Mimi Webb greeted her fans with “Goodbye,” her latest single. “Goodbye” follows the success of Webb’s debut album Seven Shades of Heartbreak and sets high expectations for her future work. 

In this heart-wrenching ballad, Webb sings of a relationship rapidly disintegrating to a point beyond repair. Throughout the course of the song Webb expresses her intention to break up with her partner, belting, “I miss the old you, but that ain’t the whole truth, ‘cause baby you’ve changed and so have I”. By the end of the song, the only thing left in their love is a kiss goodbye. 

This emotional lyricism is matched with impressive vocals. In a soulful pop style, Webb utilizes sweeping chorus belts, showing off her impressive range and technique through her unique raspy tone. Soft piano gives the track a fuller acoustic sound, while soaring strings and blended vocal harmonies in the second half give the single more instrumental complexity and a sense of empowerment. 

In addition to the single, Webb released a corresponding music video for “Goodbye”. Walking in shadow and backlit by a sunsetting horizon, Webb completes symbolic choreography with strong intention. As the song reaches its final chords, she takes off in a teal car while a house burns in the distance, driving into her future with a sense of purpose and optimism. 

Webb is currently touring Europe and Australia, and her first North American headline tour begins this September. 

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