REVIEW: CeCe Releases New Single “FUEO”

Singer-songwriter CeCe recently released a new single titled “FUEO” with an accompanying music video. The high energy track inspired by the artist’s intense and chaotic friendships sets out to give the listeners a taste of CeCe.

The song gets started with a bass track that holds steady throughout the track, chugging along to set a foundation for the hooky guitar track. Slightly repetitive, the guitar continues through the song with little change, popping up again in the chorus.

Ascending bass pulses and builds into the chorus, snarling underneath the guitar track while CeCe calls out the tagline “let’s fuck up each other.” The artist’s deeper-toned vocals add an earthy feel to the track and apply a grit to her lyrics. 

The music video stars the artist herself speeding around on her motorcycle, playing on the notes of danger among the song’s lyrics. On top of starring in the video, CeCe designed multiple pieces that can be seen being worn in the video, an ode to her passion for clothing design.

The song’s lyrics strive to capture the art of fitting in with people who don’t fit in and finding solace in the company of other misfits. CeCe plays with the idea of being damaged and finding peace among others who are damaged in similar ways. The line “here for a good time not a long one both got that problem though,” highlights those feelings of finding a kindred spirit.