REVIEW: Alexander 23 Releases Emotional Single “The Hardest Part”

On May 27, Alexander 23 released his newest single, “The Hardest Part”. Following the success of his 2021 EP Oh No, Not Again!, Alexander continues to write with intense emotionality and eloquent lyricism. 

“The Hardest Part” illuminates the struggles that come with grief, guilt, and nostalgia. In the track, Alexander memorializes an old friend. He examines his regrets of losing time and losing touch with his friend that has since passed, singing, “I guess the hardest part of getting old is that some people that you love don’t”. 

This vulnerable writing is coupled with gentle piano and crescendoing guitar strums. Drum beats intensify in the bridge of the song as the passion of the vocals grows. In stark contrast, the penultimate chorus is stripped back with a hushed intensity before building once more to a cathartic end. An intricate cacophony of sound fills the final seconds of the track, pairing seamlessly with the blending of strong emotions the song represents.

On Instagram, Alexander expressed his hesitancy in releasing this single, explaining that “it felt wrong to commoditize grief”. However, after positive responses from friends, the artist had a change of heart. He explained that the song, “… reminded me of what I have turned to music for countless times before, to feel understood when words and actions weren’t enough.” “The Hardest Part” is a testament to the universality of music and its ability to connect people, showing that through hardships we are not alone. 

Alexander will be touring the UK and Ireland with Tate McRae this June. He plans to release his full-length debut later this year.