Gal Gadot Proves She Doesn’t Need Wonder Woman in Netflix Action Packed Movie, ‘Heart Of Stone’

Emerging from her iconic role as the Amazonian warrior, fearlessly wielding her shield, sword, and ensnaring villains with her unyielding lasso in Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot is embarking on fresh horizons that transcend the current DC chaos. With an undeniable dash of allure, Gadot takes the lead in an exhilarating cinematic escapade that beckons audiences on Netflix’s grand stage — “Heart of Stone,” an electrifying spectacle that pairs her with the double-crossing Jamie Dornan.

In the realm of espionage, every exceptional superspy relies on an extraordinary team, and Rachel Stone epitomizes this truth. Embodied by Gal Gadot, this unassuming computer technician conceals her true identity as an undercover operative within the enigmatic Charter — a covert global spy network veiled even from its fellow espionage counterparts. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the Charter maneuvers with an unmatched advantage over its adversaries, rendering it nearly invincible. However, when Stone infiltrates a besieged MI6 unit, haunted by the elusive ace hacker Keya Dhawan (portrayed by Alia Bhatt), she must summon her expertise to navigate the treacherous domain of espionage that looms ahead.

In the film, there’s an intriguing blend of high-tech espionage and action-packed romance, wherein lies a mysterious entity named the Charter. Guided by an all-knowing supercomputer, this clandestine organization comprises elite former agents, swooping in to mend the aftermath left by governments, security agencies, and unruly entities that have left chaos in their wake.

If this conjures a sense of AI-infused MI intrigue, then the film certainly hits its mark. While originality might not be its strongest suit, this Bond-esque escapade thrives on parachuting the remarkable ace hacker Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot), the seasoned MI5 veteran Parker (Jamie Dornan), and the prodigious computer talent Keya Dhawan (Alia Bhatt) into a series of breathtaking global locales (with Reykjavik arguably taking the hardest hits).

The screenplay, though simple and rudimentary, stands as a scaffold that holds up the grand set pieces. It wobbles when attempting to delve into the characters’ depth, exposing its limitations. Yet, where it truly soars is in the realm of action. The film showcases a barrage of thrilling moments, including a hair-raising, tire-shredding car chase through Lisbon’s narrow, cobblestone streets that stands as an exhilarating highlight, leaving audiences breathless in its wake.

You can watch the riveting Heart of Stone, now on Netflix.