PODCAST: Oscar Lang Chats Sophomore EP ‘Look Now’

All eyes are on fast-rising indie-pop artist Oscar Lang who has returned with his long-awaited sophomore album, Look Now. 

Following the collapse of his first relationship and his subsequent heartbreak, Oscar turned to music for cathartic release. The result is his most soul-bearing and mature offering to date. 

On our podcast, we chatted with Oscar about the album, finding his voice, and more! 

Below is an excerpt from the podcast:

From listening to the songs, you can tell that they came from a super emotional place. Can you share a little bit about what the inspiration was for the album, and what the catalyst was for this project? 

I think for me, music has always been a huge form of therapy. The last year that I made the record was a really rough year, and I always found myself feeling quite low a lot of the time in that year. I went through a breakup at the start of the year in January, and that was the sort of collapse of a childhood love, sort of fading into something really sad. I couldn’t be angry at anyone. It was just sort of like grew apart, and it was just dead sad. That year for me was really rough. Every time I felt like a night was taking too long or a day would just go on forever, I would think, oh, I’ve got this thing music that I can do. And then, I can blink, and then five hours later I’ve just shaved off five hours of my day, which, when you’re going through a rough period that’s a huge thing to like be able to take yourself out of it for a few hours and do something else. So that’s kind of where a lot of the album came from. Most of it was written in these moments where I felt super low and needed something to kind of hold onto. 

Did you learn anything about yourself in the process of writing this album? 

Yeah, I learned to trust myself a lot more. I had given…not given up, but sort of taken a break from production for a while. The last thing I had produced, I think properly, was Beabadoobee’s EP way back in the day. I kind of felt like, I dunno, I’d just become very overanalyzing. That’s why I made an EP called Over Thunk. I was just overthinking everything. This album was kind of my return back to doing production. Rich Turvy was my co-producer and co-writer on a lot of the albums. He did a lot of amazing work, but really a lot of it was that I wanted to come back and sit at the computer. I really miss doing it, and that’s kind of my favorite thing to do, and I’ve really gotten back into it recently. 

Listen to the rest of the podcast below!