EXCLUSIVE: Tim Atlas Chats New EP ‘ Le Soir’

Singer, songwriter, and producer Tim Atlas has dropped his latest EP Le Soir. 

The project features the sublime summer groove “Attractive,” which is “a lesson in simplicity” with its unfiltered lyrics and stripped-back production. This lucidity is something that Atlas continued to experiment with on the rest of the EP. 

Inspired by late nights and a cross-country move to Brooklyn, the EP taps into a grungier and more liberated side of Atlas’ music, while still showcasing the sound that fans have enjoyed.

We chatted with Tim Atlas about the single, the making of his EP, and his upcoming tour kicking off in Boston on September 14

What inspired your single, “Attractive”? 

I think the desire to bridge the gap between simplicity and nuance. With this song, I wanted to say exactly what I was thinking, and that trickled down to every aspect of the song, sonically and visually.

What was the production process like for this single? 

I started this song on the drums in my studio in my NYC basement. There were several iterations of “Attractive,” but coming back to simplicity, I dialed a lot of production elements back and tried to leave the parts that felt like important pieces to the puzzle. I wrote and produced this one on my own, so while that comes with sort of that self-satisfaction of being across everything, it also comes with a lot of questioning my decisions. But at the end of the day, I remained true to myself and I’m so happy with its final form.

You noted on Instagram that you almost cut this song entirely from the EP. What made you question putting it on the EP, and what changed your mind? 

I just remember putting the demo on for my band mates while on tour last year after not listening to it for several weeks and thinking “why does this feel like bruno mars…”(lol) Definitely wasn’t the vibe I was aiming for, but I came back around and love the song for what it is and I think it’s an interesting piece of this first EP. It feels connected to the other songs as far as being a percussive forward, psych-pop sort of track.

Through the production process of the EP, did you learn anything about yourself as a writer or producer?

Totally. I reaffirmed that I like so many different types of music and I let go of the pressure of being one thing. I think, as artists, we tend to overthink our branding. I stopped thinking, “That doesn’t sound like a Tim Atlas song,” because I found comfort in knowing that everything is coming from me at the end of the day, so these are actually the most “Tim Atlas” of songs. Felt freeing artistically to do what I love with less boundaries.

Did that stripped-back sound carry over into the EP? 

I think this EP feels balanced in some of the more production-forward elements and the songwriting. There are some indulgent moments no doubt, but I think there are flashes of older sounds.

How does this single tie into the story of the project?  

“Attractive” feels like a palette cleanser on this record, but it stays true to the thread that connects these songs. I think there’s a darker tone on this EP (hence the name Le Soir), but there are also elements of experimentation and glimpses of hope & positivity lyrically. 

You will be touring with this EP in the fall. What song are you most excited to play and why?

“Sushi in Wyoming” is going to be a trip to play. The title/intro track “Le Soir” I’m very excited about. We’re programming lights and curating a more immersive live experience, so I’m constantly visualizing how to highlight all of these production elements. We also shot a whole content series around this EP, so we’ll be displaying those in a way I can’t disclose at the moment!

If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to the EP, what do you imagine it looking like? 

I would LOVE to do a listening party in a sushi restaurant.

For a live experience – because this record is a product of me moving to NYC, it would definitely be somewhere in the city that mirrors the pace of the EP. Maybe under the Brooklyn Bridge overlooking the water.

What can fans look forward to next? 

This is the first of 3 installments, so lots of new music following this EP. More live content. The tour in the fall is the most immediate and arguably the most important of things to look forward to! 

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world?

When you try to be everything to everyone, you become nothing to no one. Be yourself!

Featured Photo Credit: @dancefloormurder