ZAYN and Nicki Minaj Release New EDM-Pop Song “No Candle No Light”

ZAYN has been releasing a bunch of singles this year and just recently dropped a EDM-pop song with Nicki Minaj. Their song, “No Candle No Light,” where the duo exchanges soulful lines about a doomed relationship over pulsating synths and gleaming electronics.

“Hand on your hand, chest on your chest/ Tangled in bed, but I’m feeling you less,” Minaj croons. “You know my love ain’t free/ Why don’t you make believe? Why do you sell me dreams?” On the chorus, they both sing “I woke up on the wrong side of ya,” building to a breakdown of pitch-altered vocal samples.

“No Candle No Light” follows a run of solo work and collaborations for both artists in 2018. Minaj was recently on Little Mix’s new song “Woman Like Me,” and ZAYN has released songs such as “Let Me” and “Too Much.”

Take a listen to their romantic collaboration below!