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Lennon Stella Drops First Solo EP

On November 16th, Lennon Stella dropped her solo debut EP, Love, me. This release comes on the heels of Stella’s other singles including ‘Bad’ and Breakaway; which to date collectively have more than 6 million streams on Spotify.

When listening to the new EP, you might recognize the killer raspy vocals from her viral YouTube Cover of Robyn’s, ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. Lennon Stella, along with her sister Maisy, rose to stardom in 2012 after posting that viral video of them singing and drumming along with empty butter tubs. Since that debut, the two have continued to release covers; while also starring in the acclaimed television show Nashville, as Maddie and Daphne Conrad.

Now 19 and flying solo, Stella has begun to release her own songs. Her new EP features 5 tracks; including previously released singles ‘Bad,’ ‘Breakaway,’ and ‘Fortress’. Lennon sings, “I’ll never be the same – So I’m cutting my losses, I’m not letting you in – Now that I’ve built a fortress” in her Fortress track.  Continuing with the relationship end theme, in ‘Bad’ she sings, “I wish that you would’ve treated me bad -The truth is you couldn’t have loved me better – Now I’m left feeling twice as sad – I wish you would’ve treated me bad bad bad.”

The EP title, Love, me, provides a common thread that ties the EP’s 5 tracks together. The words of each song lead listeners to assume that Stella is done with each relationship and is moving on. Love, me serves as a sign-off to previous relationships. However, each time you listen to and read through the lyrics, the meaning of all 5 songs becomes deeper and you begin to understand that each relationship’s quest was unfulfilled and that Love, me is Lennon’s raw request for someone to love her…

and audiences do and will love her for years to come if this new EP is a true preview of the writing and sound Stella will continue to bring!


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