Ashley Tisdale Returns to Music with “Voices in My Head”

Ashley Tisdale has returned to the music world with an intimate ballade titled “Voices in My Head” on Thursday (Nov. 8), ahead of her upcoming third studio album, Symptoms.

Almost a decade after the release of her 2009 album, Guilty Pleasure, Tisdale rebounds with a softer, more mature approach, blending her signature pop roots with a more grown-up layered sound.

“Voices in My Head” sees the songstress revealing her insecurities and vulnerabilities. “I got these feelings I try to bury down/ But they keep screaming/ And I’m just tryin/ to filter out somehow/ But they don’t wanna leave,” she sings.

Tisdale reveals how her love provides the support she needs in order to keep her grounded. “They get in the way/ And start a fire/ But you never let us burn away/ You’ve got me figured out,” she confesses.

Take a listen to Tisdale’s triumphant return below!

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