Tom Walker and Zoe Wees Reimagine “Wait For You”

Breakout UK artist, Tom Walker and German singer, Zoe Wees have reimagined Walker’s June release, “Wait For You.”

Like many of Walker’s tracks, “Wait For You” delves into his experiences, as well as those around him. 

“This song is about a mate of mine who went through a life changing event as a teenager, It took a long time for him to heal and aspects of what happened have taken a toll on his life. Fast forward to now and he’s one of the most outgoing, positive people you could ever meet. It got me thinking that we can all go through tough times; it’s what you choose to do after that’s important. If something positive can come out of it, that’s a really special thing,”  Walker explains. 

The song’s emotional, unifying and healing composition contributes to its relatability.

The complimentary addition of Wees’ voice to Walker’s vocal grit, adds a layer to the story and helps to reinforce the theme that no one is alone. 

This concept is also woven into the song’s video that features a global selection of dancers from India, Nigeria, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Lebanon, France, Germany, the UK and the US

You can listen to “Wait For You” featuring Zoe Wees here