Fletcher Premieres New Single and Video “Bitter” Featuring Trevor Daniel

Today, FLETCHER shares her new single “Bitter,” a collaboration with Billboard charting artist Trevor Daniel, produced by DJ/producer Kito (Diplo, Empress Of, Aluna George).  Released via Capitol Records, the single reimagines a standout track from FLETCHER’s acclaimed new EP THE S(EX) TAPES which was “leaked” just two weeks ago hitting No. 1 on iTunes across all genres.

In a breakthrough for FLETCHER, “Bitter” marks the first time she’s ever collaborated with a male artist, a decision that goes hand-in-hand with her belief in using her creative output as a means of exploring both herself, her sexuality and the world around her.

“Trevor and I slid into each other’s dms about being fans of one another. He’s such a visionary artist and I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with him. Trevor was able to bring a whole new perspective to the song and I guess we’re both still ‘Bitter’ about our exes,” says FLETCHER. “Throughout the video I wanted to explore the themes of masculine and feminine energy in terms of self-discovery. It is about the fear of knowing you need to go out and explore the world and your relationship with yourself, but being afraid that your person will find somebody new in the process. I’ve never understood the saying ‘if you love something, let it go’ until now. That’s life though. It’s petty, it’s ‘Bitter,’ it’s true and sometimes the truth has to hurt.”

FLETCHER continues to create diverse and inclusive spaces for creation with the video being written, produced, directed (Brooke James) and edited by a crew of women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The cinematic visual finds FLETCHER in a control room replaying surveillance camera footage of strangers in a hotel who are unaware of their voyeur. Daniel co-stars in the video for “Bitter,” alongside FLETCHER and model/artist Mads Paige. Each of the three characters in the “Bitter” video are seen as their stories overlap while on their own individual journey of exploration, identity, loss and healing. Though loosely inspired by cult classic erotic thriller Sliver, FLETCHER flips the gender script adding a whole new layer of sexual representation, rawness and intrigue to the song’s narrative of emotional recovery and sexual exploration.

Watch the music video for “Bitter” now!

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