Dava Delivers Emotionally Sharp New Single “Papercut”

Los Angeles-based Dava recently released her single “Papercut”.  

Dreamy pop R&B sugared vocals, also showcased in her earlier singles “ASOS” and “Right Time,” smoothly glide across mesmerizing “Papercut” lyrics. Threaded with the repeating mantra “Your just a papercut,” the track explores hurtful experiences, addresses how time heals and hurt fades, and acknowledges how soon the  significance of those experiences will become nothing more than a papercut.

Fated with a difficult childhood and gifted with a guitar by her late mother, music became an escape for Dava from the age of 8.

At 18, Dava moved to Colorado to find her voice as a singer-songwriter, performing at coffee shop open mics. She quickly built a grassroots following.

Her upcoming ‘Sticky’ EP is due out later this fall.

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