Sabrina Carpenter Confesses Her Love for Paris in New Song “Paris”

The American pop singer has released her now song “Paris” today and it’s making us all fall in love with Paris. This is a “countdown single” from her upcoming Singular: Act 1 mini album that is coming out on November 9th.

The new song is definitely different for Carpenter. It has a little Nancy Sinatra feeling in the intro, sounding really French. Her delicate vocals and the dreamy production makes you want to get lost in the City of Lights at night time with a glass of wine.

“It’s so romantic in Paris/ Wont even try to compare it/ Thought I was sure that I’d found it/ But I already have love in LA,” sensually sings Carpenter in the chorus. She is at a loss of what to do. The romantic energy that Paris has is playing with Carpenter and is making her to be on the verge of having an European affair and forgetting the love she has back in LA… the question is will she act on it?

Take a listen to the dreamy song “Paris” below.