The Driver Era Shares New Song “Low”

If you heard of the pop-rock band, R5 then you might know the new alternative band, The Driver Era. The band consists of former Disney actor and current The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actor, Ross Lynch and his brother Rocky Lynch who started the band together. They were in the all sibling band R5 and branched off to start their own band, The Driver Era. After releasing their successful first single “Preacher Man” and then their second single “Afterglow,” they are continuing to impress new listeners with their unique sound with their latest single, “Low.”

Their first two releases simmer with romanticism and plenty of genre defying flourishes. That goes the same with their song “Low.” The song has groovy strums, smoky synths and an urgent beat that mashes well with atmospheric vocal effects that gives Rocky that sultry devliery a depth that fits the songs tenderness. “Low” was a pet project for Rocky, who produced and wrote the song on his own as well as being the singer of the song, which typically brother Ross is the lead singer of the songs.

The song is about being “low” and sort of depressed. Rocky shared with Consequences of Sound what the message of the song is, “I’ve alway been fascinated by the brain and how emotional it actually is. I started this song when I was in a low place but finished it when I was no longer in that mindset. So the track has a bit of a bipolar feel to it which occurred naturally from the different states of mind that I was in while working on it.”

Take a listen to the new song “Low” below!