Kim Petras Gets into the Halloween Spirit with Halloween Mixtape

After the success of her song “Heart to Break,” Kim Petras is getting into the Halloween spirit with the release of her mixtape, Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1

The upcoming, emerging pop queen released a mixtape for Halloween called Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1 last month, in time to get all her fans excited and ready for Halloween.

The singer is having fun with goth-pop jams and instrumental breaks with titles like “TRANSylvania” and “Boo! Bitch!” Petras told ECHO how she drew inspiration from past Halloween music. “Yes! Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Britney’s Blackout, the soundtrack to ‘It Follows’ and the ‘Driver’ soundtrack.”

Petras decided to release the Halloween album because “there are so many Christmas albums,” she wondered “why are there no Halloween ones,” she told ECHO.

The true gem off the mixtape is “Turn Off the Light,” which Petras says is “because Elvira Mistress of the Dark is on it.”

Take a listen to Petras’s Halloween Mixtape down below!

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