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REVIEW: The Jonas Brothers Release ‘The Album’

While we were all having deep conversations at the Waffle House, the Jonas Brothers were putting the finishing touches on their sixth studio project, The Album

The twelve track project kicks off with the bright “Miracle,” which features impressive falsetto from lead vocalist, Joe. Although it doesn’t have the same earworm quality of “Waffle House,” it continues to venture into their evolved new sound that they’ve developed with “Guillotine” Singer and Producer Jon Bellion.

The beat and strings of “Miracle” and slowly fading guitar at the end of the track ease listeners into “Montana Sky,” a more pop-country track. The song has a timeless element to it that makes you question whether it was written now or 50 years ago. 

Listeners glide into “Wings” next. This track is when the The Album really begins to take off. The joy that reverberates through the funky melody and the adoring lyrics was also seen in the video that accompanied the initial release. 

Continuing the forward trajectory with “Sail Away” and “Americana,” the JoBros experiment with different vocal styles and layered sonic elements that shout Jon Bellion.

The party continues with “Celebrate!” with its epic harmonious intro. However, the verses are missing the same power of the intro and chorus. 

However, the chill vibes “Vacation Eyes,” “Summer in the Hamptons,” and “Summer Baby” prove to be great additions to any summer playlist. 

The stripped back sounds of “Little Bird” give way to the final track, “Walls,” which features Bellion. The stunning lyrics and harmonies are sure to leave you with goosebumps. 

Whether it’s 2023 or the year 3000, we’ll still be listening to the Jonas Brothers as they continue to create the songs we all love.