REVIEW: Meghan Trainor Celebrates Album Announcement with New Single “Bad For Me”

Featured Photo Credit: Lauren Dunn

Meghan Trainor just announced a new album set to drop October 21 of this year titled Takin’ It Back. The artist recently released the new single “Bad For Me” featuring Teddy Swims and a music video to boot.

Getting back to her roots, the artist says she has been making an effort to connect back with the sound that put her name on the charts. At the same time, she recognizes the changes that have occurred in the world and her own personal life, tailoring the upcoming album to fit in 2022. As a now wife and mother, Trainor has created an album to bring listeners along on her journey and flashes a new level of confidence for the singer.

The single sets up for the album’s forthcoming nature with a story of a toxic relationship that the singer decided to break off in a form of self-preservation. Trainor teaches that sometimes it’s better to make the sometimes heartbreaking decision to let go and leave relationships that cause you pain. 

Trainor relays the disconnect that can be so damaging in bad relationships throughout the song’s lyrics, particularly harping on that point in the line, “your best intentions end up hurting me.” Trainor’s iconic vocals carry through the track and meld with Teddy Swims’s rich voice that works to mellow out the track. 

A flower-filled soundstage houses the singers as they belt out the track for the music video. A glowy and ethereal light wash bathes the musicians in warm tones.

Trainor’s new album Takin’ It Back arrives October 21 and you can pre save it here.    

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