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REVIEW: Charlie Puth and Jung Kook Team Up On New Single “Left and Right” 

Featured Photo Credit: Matthew Daniel Siskin

On June 24, Grammy nominated artist Charlie Puth released his newest single “Left and Right”, after teasing the track on TikTok. The singer partnered with Jung Kook, known for his career as a member of K-Pop band BTS, to produce a laid back summer bop. 

“Left and Right” utilizes a consistent drum beat and staccato guitar to give the track a solid groove and chill tempo. Puth and Kook harmonize in the song’s chorus, their voices blending together effortlessly. The defining feature of the song, however, is that certain lines are heard in either the left ear or the right ear with headphones, cleverly pairing with the lyrics, “I can feel you over here, I can feel you over here, you take up every corner of my mind”. 

That mindset is further explored in the single’s corresponding music video, which features Puth talking to a “love doctor” on the stereotypical therapist’s couch. Puth and Kook stand on a spinning platform in a white room, and images of the pair float in and out of frame. The video even features a false commercial screen with a QR code linking directly to Puth’s website. The playfulness of the surreal video mingled with the catchy groove of the track will have this song taking up every corner of your mind. 

Puth is releasing his third studio album, “CHARLIE”, later this year, which will feature “Left and Right” in addition to hit tracks like “Light Switch”. 

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