REVIEW: FLETCHER Celebrates the Feminine With New Single “Her Body Is Bible”

Queer pop artist FLETCHER shared her newest single, “Her Body Is Bible,” on June 24, just before the end of Pride Month. The track follows FLETCHER’s success with the 2020 EP “THE S(EX) TAPES” and hit singles like “Cherry.” 

“Her Body Is Bible” is a celebration of womanhood, as FLETCHER choruses, “Amen, oh her body is Bible, the only Heaven that I know”. Religious themes are peppered throughout as she sings the sacredness of femininity with lyrics like “I found God the moment that I put my lips on yours”. When asked about the inspiration behind this track and her upcoming album, FLETCHER shared, “So much of my past work has been focused on other people… For my debut album it felt right to do a deeper dive into self-exploration, and all the different facets that make up who I am.” 

This pop anthem is characterized by driving guitar, poppy bass, and dreamy synth. Delicate background vocals give the song a sense of depth and complexity. The instrumentation is complemented by FLETCHER’s strong voice and consistency in tone, as she expertly belts out the song’s chorus like a prayer itself. 

FLETCHER is releasing her debut album, “Girl Of My Dreams”, on September 16. Her headlining “Girl Of My Dreams Tour” will travel North America this fall, beginning in October. Tickets are on sale now.