REVIEW: Madison Beer Releases New Single “I Have Never Felt More Alive”

On July 22, Madison Beer released her new single “I Have Never Felt More Alive.” The song was written for the feature film Fall, which is set to be released only in theaters on August 12. 

Fall is a new action film in which two women attempt to climb a massive television tower. In a devastating turn, the ladder falls apart once they reach the top, leaving the duo stranded 2,000 feet above the ground, desperate for a way down. A snippet of the track was featured in the film’s trailer as the scenes grow more climactic, but the full song is even more powerful than a clip could convey. 

“I Have Never Felt More Alive” is an anthem of freedom and coming into one’s own power. A delicate piano hook in a minor key offers the song a cinematic feel, while sweeping violin gives the impression of a siren, in theme with the film’s high stakes and survivalist tone. Beer uses gentler vocals in each verse that crescendo into the dynamic choruses, filled with powerful drums, expansive background harmony, and strong bass. Each chorus explodes into bold sound as Beer declares her own capabilities, singing, “You said that I would struggle to survive, but I have never felt more alive.”

Madison Beer will be appearing at assorted music festivals in Belgium and the UK this August. Fall is dropping into theaters on August 12. 

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