REVIEW: The Kooks Drop Sixth Studio Album ’10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark”

The Kooks have released their new album 10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark, the group’s sixth studio album. The album was uniquely dropped in three installments consisting of two three track EPs that were then topped off with the final four songs creating the final LP. 

The album opens up with “Connection,” a track that sets the flowy scene for the electronic-y rooted tracklist to come. Veiled in an electronic haze, wavy keys and a snappy bass line play beneath lead singer Luke Pritchard’s iconic vocals while an utterly entrancing drum track rips through the entirety of the song.  

Third on the list is “Jesse James,” a playful song that feels like a soundtrack for a sunny summer drive with bright keys and a warbled bass line. “You gotta live like the day will never end you gotta live and never pretend,” sings Pritchard as he reflects on becoming a husband and father all for the first time while creating the album. 

Another breezy summer track, “Beautiful World” features artist Milky Chance and a dancey rhythm to keep the album bouncing. Euphoric feelings of love and gratefulness settle in the lyrics, with the tagline, “such a beautiful world I’m glad we’re livin’ in it,” a strong reflection of just that. 

The entire album has a strong theme of heavy, highly important bass lines that string each song along and develop a consistent sound. The album feels like a celebration of different emotions and aspects of love.

Listen here!

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