REVIEW: GIVĒON Releases Debut Album ‘Give Or Take’

GIVĒON has released a much anticipated debut full-length album Give Or Take. To ring in the new album, a cinematic music video for the track “Lost Me” was released. 

GIVĒON has been gaining traction in the music industry since his 2020 debut EP, catching the attention of listeners around the globe. Now, a seven-time GRAMMY nominee, the singer has a sold out European tour under his belt and is ready for more. 

“For Tonight,” one of the album’s most popular tracks, glides listeners through the singer’s silky vocals and a catchy rhythm to a chorus proclaiming “for tonight, I’m yours.” GIVĒON wrestles with what’s right and what feels right throughout the song, highlighted by the last lines of the chorus,“ ‘Cause all I want to do is lie with you even though it’s wrong to lie with you”

The more gentle “Lie Again” slows the tracklist down into a plodding groove that GIVĒON offsets with his strong vocals. The singer bears some of his gnawing emotions in the line, “Am I insecure? ’Cause it’s too much hate to think you’ve done this before.” Laced with intruding thoughts and waves of overthinking, the track shows a deeper side to the singer, giving listeners a more intimate look at his innermost feelings.  

Sets for The BET Awards, The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and Good Morning America are among a recent string of performances for the singer as he celebrates the arrival of the new album. 
The artist announced his biggest North America headline tour yet which will set off on August 16. Dates and tickets can be found here.

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