REVIEW: Cian Ducrot Celebrates “Small or Big” Victories with Boston

Cian Ducrot is taking a victory lap around the US on his debut headlining tour. 

On October 8, he brought this celebration of his album and his journey to Boston for the first time ever. Bostonians were so excited for this premiere performance that they filled up The Sinclair for not one, but two shows! 

Special guest Braden Bales opened show number two with a guitar-driven, acoustic set. 

Earlier this year, the Ontario native unleashed his viral hit “CHRONICALLY CAUTIOUS.” Over 27.1 million Spotify listeners resonated with the track’s empathetic and emotional portrayal of anxiety, its relatability rooted in its authenticity. Every one of Braden’s songs is ripped from the pages of his own life. 

For example, “HOSTAGE,” a recent release and a setlist feature, is about Braden’s fear of not living up to expectations, especially after virality. 

His stripped-back performance of songs like “HOSTAGE” allowed the audience to feel these emotions deeply, which was demonstrated by their silence. Even Braden noted, “The audience is so quiet, which is not normal for the opener.” 

Braden’s cathartic energy primed the crowd for Cian Ducrot’s empowering and moving set. 

Like Braden, Cian has found success online. From one-to-one duets to attention-grabbing flash mobs, the Irish artist has connected with over 4.5 million TikTok followers through his classic melodies, as well as his personal and emotional lyrics. 

However, the journey to get here has been arduous. Through a turbulent childhood and undaunted pursuit of his dreams, Cian has emerged victorious, and he doesn’t take that success lightly.

“I think it is very important to just celebrate those victories small or big,” he told the audience. 

This show was as much a celebration of Cian’s victories as it was of his fans’. A “Victory Box” was placed at the merch table so fans could place notes about their own successes, whether “small or big.”

“Everyone in this room is proof that you always make it out the other side…you’ll always come out victorious.” 

From a piano placed at center stage, Cian performed songs from the project with emotion that felt as real as if they had happened yesterday, whether it was lamenting the loss of a late friend (“Part of Me”), celebrating the relationship he has with his brother in spite of a tough upbringing (“Heaven”), or accepting the ghosts of past romances (“Everyone Who Falls In Love”). 

With a pub-like communal energy, Cian used the pauses between songs to chat with the audience, tell stories, and use his Irish humor to provide levity to some of the somber songs.

“Don’t act like you’re not impressed,”  he said as he whipped out a flute and joked about challenging Lizzo to a flute off. 

Before closing the set with the angelic “I’ll Be Waiting,” Cian told the crowd, “I’ll never forget my first show here. You never forget your first shows in any city. This is going to be really special. I’ll remember this for the rest of my life. I’m going to be really excited to come back, guys. You really set a good bar for this place.” 

Cian…Boston will be waiting!

Grab your tickets to see Cian here:

Braden Bale’s sophomore EP will be out this November 2023.

Photos By: Amelia Cordischi