Album Review: “Something To Give Each Other” by Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan’s third studio album, “Something To Give Each Other,” is a dazzling celebration of life’s vibrant facets, featuring themes of sex, dance, sweat, community, queerness, love, and friendship. In the wake of recent tribulations, Sivan has crafted an album that pulses with the joy of human connection and the electrifying rhythms of dance music. This release is heralded by the success of the pre-release singles, “Rush” and “Got Me Started,” which collectively amassed millions of streams worldwide. The album is now available in various formats, including vinyl, CD, digital, and cassette, along with exclusive merchandise and fan packs.

Sivan, in collaboration with renowned songwriters and producers such as Oscar Görres, Ian Kirkpatrick, AG Cook, Styalz Fuego, and Leland, has delivered a collection of songs that resonate with authenticity and infectious energy. The album’s visual aesthetics were carefully curated by Creative Director Gordon von Steiner, adding another layer of artistic depth to the project. The official video for “One Of Your Girls” stands as a testament to their creative synergy and features the multi-talented Ross Lynch.

The album’s lead single, “Rush,” had kinetic energy for the Summer,

Following the success of “Rush,” “Got Me Started” continues to captivate listeners as a “sweltering R&B-pop jam” that delves into the depth of emotional connection. Troye Sivan’s artistic journey has transcended music, extending into Hollywood features, high-fashion collaborations, runway appearances, and a substantial social media following, solidifying his status as a global pop icon.

Listen to Something To Give Each Other below.