Niall Horan’s New Album “Heartbreak Weather” is the Perfect Past Time Album For This Quarantine

You’re probably stuck inside right now reading this and wondering when life will return to normal, and that might be a while. So, while we’re all cooped up inside, let’s listen to Niall Horan’s new album Heartbreak Weather.

The whole album is a vibe, starting with the opening track “Heartbreak Weather,” the song that the album is called after makes you relaxed with it’s tropical vibe and beat. Other favorites off the album is the sensual “Small Talk,” which is a track that is for sure going to be a fan favorite when Horan can tour. Other songs such as “Black and White” and “Everywhere” have a similar beat to one another and the rest of the album lends a consistent sound.

As an album, Heartbreak Weather sees Horan come into his own as an artist, it sounds like his most authentic and he knows his strengths both vocally and as an artist. It shows his tremendous growth since his debut album Flicker.

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