New Artist Spotlight | Part 8

Featured Photo Credit: Eli Garlick

This week we are introducing you to five artists sharing perspectives on life experiences, relationships, and Freudian theories.


“Lakeshore Ave,” the latest single from Toronto artist 5omerset is what he calls “a euphoric tribute to those happy times spent dancing and singing ’til the early morning.”

Inspired by “past nights out with all of my friends and loved ones. Streetcars, downtown streets, partying in my favourite bar,” 5omerset takes listeners on a drive through his old haunts with nostalgic local references and a beat that marches along to a staccato piano. 

Rolling Stone P 

Listeners may recognize Rolling Stone P’s innovative style and signature rasp from his days with acclaimed Newark-bred group Kool Weirdos. Now the musician is going solo with his first single “Magic.”

The track grew out of P’s own experiences with love and life. “I was in a low place and didn’t really have a sense of care about how I was moving,” P shared, “but once I met her, things changed. It was so unexpected it felt like magic.”


Fans of Phoenix, Glass Animals and Portugal. The Man. will love Canadian alternative trio daysormay. 

Their latest single “Ego” explores Sigmund Freud’s concepts of the id, ego, and superego, each concept taking its own verse. 

Written by lead vocalist Aidan Andrews and recorded with Steve Bays (Diplo, Hot Hot Heat, Fitz and The Tantrums), the single combines clever lyrics, guitars, synths, piano, and percussion provided by twin brothers/rhythm section Carson and Nolan Bassett to create a intriguing, distinct sound. 

The thought provoking single is accompanied by a DIY music video bathed in a blue hue. 

The group is currently at work on a new album. 

Julian Daniel 

“Anxiety,” the new single from Julian Daniel is his most vulnerable to date. 

Reflecting on his own struggles with mental health, Daniel lets listeners inside his mind during a panic attack chronicling the “burden” and thoughts.  

“I am not and will never be ashamed or scared to talk about my mental health, nor should anyone ever. I want to remove the stigma around these issues so that we all feel comfortable talking about our experiences,” Daniel shared of the song written with Maddy Abela and produced by Ryan Fitz

The subject is contrasted by a vibrant and colorful music video. 


Following his highly acclaimed soulful debut “Murky,” Oakland artist returns with the song’s creative visual. 

Diving into the classic nature of Pher’s music and the single’s message of “perseverance, dedication, commitment, and a relentless pursuit,” the video shows Pher navigating an seemingly endless forest and finding comfort and love at the end. 

“Murky,” along with Pher’s upcoming music is what he refers to as his testimony. He goes on to further explain, From being a young father, to living check to check, to fighting for my career in music. Murky is the perfect representation of my journey. The constant fight to keep going in life, in my quest to be an artist, while sustaining a life for my wife and kids. My life is an open book, merely so I can be the middleman between you and true love. Let my music be your guide.”

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