Dua Lipa Releases New Music Video For “Love Again”

If you have a fear of clowns and dislike the famous LA restaurant, Saddle Ranch, then watching the new music video, Love Again, by Dua Lipa, might not be for you.

Besides that, her new video for one of her many jams on the her album, Future Nostalgia, serves some amazing choreography and of course a single that will for sure be in everyones head, just like Levitating.

The song, which samples “Your Woman” by White Town and her choreography that nods to Madonna’s “Don’t Tell Me” choreography, has a rodeo feel to it, which also features cowboys in clown makeup. As she straddles a mechanical bull and puts on a new dance choreography that will for sure have people dancing in clubs once they’re opened.

Watch the new music video for “Love Again” now!

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