MUNA “Live At The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles”: Sonic and Visual Perfection

About a decade ago, MUNA was a group of undergrads looking to make music together at the University of Southern California. Last October, the indie-pop band sold out The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Twice.

MUNA’s latest album ‘Live At The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles’ is a lively, thrilling capsule of the band’s monumental show and their greatest hits. With a live project it’s always difficult to know — from an auditory standpoint whether the audience will drown out the artist with their cheers and vice versa. However, MUNA’s ‘Live At The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles’ is the perfect combination of audience and artist; listening to the crowd sing the chorus to “What I Want” and “Stayaway” makes listeners feel as though they are witnessing this performance live.

Lead singer Katie Gavin does a phenomenal job of interacting with the audience between tracks, consistently in awe of not only how the group got to play two sold out shots at The Greek Theatre, but also how both shows sold out in under five minutes. Guitarists Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson also express immense gratitude for the crowd and the ability to make music for a living.

MUNA sitting in an empty Greek Theater
Photo Credit: Penelope Martinez

A live performance that truly deserves its flowers is “Runner’s High.” The third track off their 2022 self-titled album hones in on the synth pop sound MUNA is known for, especially in their earlier days. The crowd’s energy is absolutely infectious; it’s almost like you are right there feeling the bass beat from the barricade.

The group first broke into the music industry with their 2016 single “Winterbreak” and landed on radars — including those of industry executives, collaborators and fans. The song live is an incredibly soft and loving yet upbeat track. Gavin’s vocals harmonize beautifully with Maskin and McPherson as they provide backing vocals and instrumentals.

MUNA continues to keep the energy and excitement alive throughout their whole performance. McPherson and Maskin began playing ska and progressive rock, but their sound shifted upon collaborating with Gavin in the early days of MUNA. Regardless of this shift in sound, these multi-genre influences blend well and are featured on fan favorite tracks such as “Pink Light” and “One That Got Away.”

The final song in their set is arguably the band’s most popular: “Silk Chiffon.” The romantic track is incredibly upbeat and bubbly with a feature from Phoebe Bridgers who joined the trio onstage for this live performance at The Greek Theatre.

On MUNA’s ‘Live At The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles,’ listeners can feel the joy radiating off each member’s vocals, instrumentals and chatter. Gavin, Maskin and McPherson truly bring such a sense of positivity into the musical space. If you can’t catch the trio live, this album is a good way to capture the experience.

Featured Photo Credit: Penelope Martinez