Boston Welcomes MUNA for Two Sold-Out Shows

In 2016 MUNA, released their song “I Know A Place.” The moving track described a space where everyone felt welcome. On September 18, 2022  during MUNA’s first of two sold out shows, that imagined “place” became a reality. 

The friendly energy was palpable throughout the Royale, as a hum of conversations grew within the diverse and welcoming crowd. It was undeniable that this was a place where everyone was welcome and it was made visible from the front door to the bathrooms where signs that read “At MUNA’s request tonight’s restrooms have been made gender neutral” were posted.

Rising artists Meet Me @ The Altar kicked off the night with a short, but engaging set. Edith, Ada, and Téa hung for most of their performance at the edge of the stage making the 1,000+ person venue feel intimate. Through smiles, waves, and songs like “Kool,” the trio connected with the audience, earning new fans, who they later gathered with for a chat and photo at a very crowded merch table.

Bright strobes and smoke prepped the stage for the electric energy of MUNA. Cheers erupted as Katie, Josette, and Naomi sauntered on stage to the pulsing synth of “What I Want.”

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

The band’s 17 song set focused on their latest self-titled album, but to the fans’ delight included favorites like “Stayaway,” “Home By Now,” and “No. 1 Fan,” which Katie and Josette twirled and kicked their way through. 

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

Playing Boston held additional meaning for Katie, who had dated someone from here once. She opened up to the crowd about her loss and healing with a bit of advice, “If you’re getting over somebody and you never think you’re going to be past it … I didn’t even think about [the relationship] when I came into this city.”  

MUNA went on to play “Loose Garment”  where Josette commented  “I feel like this song is about getting old and not caring in the same way.” 

Millennials in the crowd were ecstatic when MUNA surprised them with their take on The Killer’s “Mr.Brightside.”

The band ended their set with the song that summed up the energy of the night, “I Know A Place.” Katie explained that it was one of the first songs they wrote together as a band. “It just makes me think about the miracles that you can experience through being vulnerable enough to create work.” She continued, “everytime we play this song and other people are there to witness it and create a space with us, it feels like that’s a fucking miracle.” 

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi
Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

After some chanting from the crowd, MUNA returned for an encore of “Silk Chiffon,” their collaboration with Phoebe Bridgers, and  “Shooting Star.” 

“So I say “Goodnight, make it home” like I’m making a wish, ” On you, from afar, You, my shooting star,” Katie sang to the glow of hundreds of cell phone lights. 

“It’s been a fucking joy to perform these for you,” Katie called out to the crowd, as the trio left the buzzing crowd. 

Catch MUNA in a city near you! Tickets available here. 

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