Michael Lanza Begins 2021 with Uplifting Single “Open Up”

L.A. based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Lanza released his first 2021 single “Open Up.”

Lyrics encouraging an open mind lace with mellotron chords, rhythmic piano notes and Lanza’s smooth R&B-pop vocals.

“I want people to realize what they are feeling is normal and we all go through the same things. The human experience is very different around the world, but human emotions are very similar. We all feel the same emotions and we can bring everyone together,” says Lanza.  

Since releasing his LP Human, Lanza has expressed emotional unity and the importance of understanding. Having an open mind has led Lanza to learn Chinese to connect with friends, experiment with instruments from across the globe, find inspiration from other countries’ music and gather the courage to take risks. This approach, Lanza feels, has led to his world wide success and growing fan base.

Since beginning his career, Lanza has opened for EDM legends Major Lazor, and Drake Bell, charted #23 on Billboard Dance and had his song featured in the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.