EXCLUSIVE: Dolo Tonight Talks Breaking Records and New Single “Higher”

Featured Photo Credit: Mickey Mars

On the latest episode, we chatted with emerging rapper Dolo Tonight. 

Since 2019, the New Jersey native has been fusing lyrical wordplay with a blend of  Jazz, Punk Rock and Hip-Hop to create thought-provoking songs. 

Following tracks like “Graduation” and “Zoom,” his latest single “Higher” tackles the struggle to find peace through the fluctuations of life. 

Dolo takes that idea to new heights in the accompanying music video in which Dolo and his crew attempt to break the Guinness World Record for music video filmed at the highest altitude on land.

We chatted with Dolo Tonight about “Higher,” breaking records,  and what to expect from his upcoming project, Back To Earth, landing Spring 2021.

Excerpt from the podcast:

You have your brand new single out, “Higher.” What inspired that song?

Oh, man. I think just like going through it. I was in college, I was dating a female who shall remain nameless for the sake of this conversation. Things were just going not that well. She actually broke up with me. She said, ‘You’re never gonna make it. You’re going to be a poor musician for the rest of your life.’ It was this horrible thing. I was just so depressed. I made this song and I think it was important to make because I make a lot of happy music, I’m just generally a happy person, but I think fans can sometimes get it confused. I described what happened in the best way I could to just let people know, like, yo, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us for sure.

How did you come up with the concept for the music video?

I’ve always had Guinness, like my grandma used to buy it for me every year. I always wanted to be in the book. I was on and I figured out that you could search record applications, just like typing a word. I typed in “higher.” It was like highest handlebar backflip. highest on fire hula-hooping . Then I found highest altitude music video and it was like, ‘this record has not been set yet.’ I was like, what? I got in contact with them and submitted my application and they accepted me. You can’t just go film it right here and be like, this is now the highest video They set the bar for you. They set the bar at, I think it was 13,600 feet.

I started Googling. I was like, yo, where are high mountains that exist? We found Pikes Peak in Colorado.

I went up there. I had a Navy pilot certified my altitude. It’s like getting a rule book. When they send you the book, it’s like, here’s a hundred things you can do and here’s a hundred things you can do… I couldn’t really figure it out, but eventually, we got all the rules figured out and figured out how to get it done. I had to get in contact with a geologist to certify where I was and a Navy pilot to calibrate my altimeter. There were so many small pieces to it.

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