Mark Ambor proves “life is better with each other” with His New Single “Company”

Featured Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez (@shervinfoto)

Last month, Mark Ambor released his viral single, “The Long Way” all about how good things take time. His follow-up single, “Company” proves that it’s worth the wait. 

Following the last year and half, we’re all longing to be surrounded by the people we care about. The indie-pop singer/songwriter brings that universal message to life through the synths, drums, and lyrics of his self-produced track “Company” about how “ life is better with each other.” 

“I wrote this song during quarantine when I was missing everyone and everything that made me feel alive,” Ambor shared of the song’s inspiration, He continued, “I was talking to a girl that I was falling away from, I hadn’t seen my friends in a while and the whole idea of the song just flowed out of me over a piano riff one day. The idea is simple, life is better with each other. Which, for me, really highlights an important feeling I want to convey; realizing we’re not alone and celebrating ourselves, with one another, for all we’re worth.”

Listen to the anthemic track here!