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Adam Melchor’s First Headlining Tour Has Boston Smiling

Fans of Adam Melchor will know and celebrate that this is the opera-singer-turned-folk-artist’s first headlining tour ever. What they may not know is that Melchor’s charming and disarming personality lends half of the act to being a hilarious comedy show.

Photo Credit: Connor Lewis

Behind every song on his debut album, ‘Lullaby Hotline Vol. 1,’ lies a story. There’s one about being stood up by someone he drove an hour to see, of his sister falling in love, of meeting Charlie Puth for the first time, and of a blind rooster who tried so hard to do his job. 

The way he tells these stories had everyone at The Royale in Boston smiling and laughing the whole way through. It’s easy to tell why he’s such a good songwriter.

Photo Credit: Connor Lewis

Melchor started the night with his high-energy track, “Last Time,” as he burst onto the stage with his golden guitar. Folks hoping for his signature, glimmering harmonies will be happy to know one of the mics is set up just for that. If that doesn’t do it, it’s hard to miss the audience’s harmonies.

“I Choose You,” “What a Damn Shame,” and “Start Forgetting Death” all followed with stunning displays of improv all the way down the frequencies from Adam’s melody to the bass runs. Then…

Photo Credit: Connor Lewis

“Do you all mind if I play you some new songs?” asked Adam. The crowd roared. “Ah, wonderful. You’ve passed the test,” Adam replied to a crowd that laughed back. Adam ran through three new songs and then closed on two of his most popular tracks, “Moon in the Morning” and “Joyride.”

If you’re considering going to an Adam Melchor show, I hope this article convinces you to make the move. Hearts were full, laughter was shared, and the night felt more sentimental as everyone walked away from The Royale.

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