Marie-Clo Releases Final Installment of Shell(e) Trilogy

Indie-pop artist, Marie-Clo has released the final installment in her Shell(e) trilogy. 

The project, which began in 2020, highlights her empowering storylines through her lyrics, groovy melodies and evolving themes. 

Her latest single from the Shell(e) III release, “At Ease”  is about living authentically and with confidence.

At Ease” speaks of absolute freedom and emancipation, written specifically to empower womxn to fully let go and take risks,” Marie-Clo explained.  

Marie-Clo has been releasing music since 2017. Since then she has been gaining notoriety in Canada with such accolades as winner of TFO’s pan-Canadian tv search for francophone artists Planète BRBR  and a  song feature on a 52-week run of an Aero chocolates national commercial.

In March, fans can look forward to her LP release.