Guspy Releases Debut Single “STEEZ LUÍZ”

Featured Photo Credit: Grant Conely

Get ready to float away on the sexy Caribbean wave that is Guspy’s debut single, “STEEZ LUÍZ”. This Santa-Ana local’s invigorating sound is a salve for the soul. His single taps into the surf rock, indie pop, and reggae scenes, drawing influence from Khruangbin, Kevin Parker, and Omar Apollo. His sonics balance between the raw grittiness and the smoothness of a gentle ocean breeze.

Guspy utilizes beats in a unique, industrial fashion which pairs seamlessly with his polished lyrical mastery.

Growing up on the California coast, Guspy fell in love with the local music, surf, and do-it-yourself culture. Having taught himself guitar, bass, and drums by the age of 15, his next obsessions became poetry and the art of punk rock. Steez Luiz is a psychedelic-turned-808 tale of love and heartbreak. At its core, this song explores the dichotomy between the seemingly contradictory yet co-existing highs of love and the lows of loss.
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