Maisie Peters Releases Her Highly-Anticipated Debut EP ‘You Signed Up For This.’

Singer/songwriter Maisie Peters is known for her imaginative songwriting, but never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that on August 27, 2021 she would be releasing her debut album, ‘You Signed Up For This.’

It was not long ago that Peters began busking on the streets of Brighton singing stories inspired by people she knew and people she had never met. Busking turned into an EP, then two. Now that busker “would not be able to fathom the life she now gets to live and the music she has created and the people she has gotten to fall in true creative love with all because of this album,” she reflected in an Instagram post. 

The 14 track project released via Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records is an ode to the journey from girlhood into adulthood. 

The album, featuring previous singles “John Hughes Movie” and “Psycho,” begins with the anthemic title track that embraces everything from her short stature to her lack of a driver’s license, an ongoing joke with her fanbase. The diary-like honesty, sarcasm, and observancy carry through  “Love Him I Don’t,” “Hollow,” and  “Brooklyn,” as well as standouts like “Villain” and ”Elvis Song.” 

Another thing worth noting is her witty lyricism. Peters has a unique way of weaving lyrics together into soul-stirring metaphors. In  “Elvis Song,” Peters sings “Too drunk for a drawbridge, your name floods when my eyes are shut,” and in “Tough Act” she croons, “We burned out like a birthday candle.”  

The album, written with notable collaborators Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Fred again.., Johnny McDaid, Miranda Cooper, and producers Joe Rubel (Tom Grennan, Benjamin Francis Leftwich), Afterhrs (Niall Horan, GRACEY), Rob Milton (Easy Life, Holly Humberstone) and Brad Ellis (Jorja Smith, Little Mix) has led to memorable UK festival sets at Latitude, Standon Calling and Boardmasters, Record Store Shows, sold-out events, and soon will land her on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on September 9. 

This album is “one tough act to follow,” but Peters has proved time and time again that she is up for the task!

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