Jeremy Shada Releases 70s Inspired “This Feels Right”

Featured Photo Credit: Bernardo Noguiera

After releasing his 80s inspired, “Dancing With Strangers,” Jeremy Shada is throwing it back a decade with his new single, “This Feels Right.” 

You may recognize Jeremy Shada as the voice behind Reggie Peters in Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms and Finn the Human in Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. Now, the Emmy and MTV award-winning actor is sharing his voice through another one of his passions, music. 

Shada has always had an interest in music, but it was not until he attended a writing camp for Julie and the Phantoms that he discovered his talent as a natural lyricist. 

This new found ability was showcased on his first solo music project, “Ballerina,” and a four-track EP ‘Mad Love.’ Since then, Shada has continued to discover himself as an artist. 

This exploration is apparent in his latest single “This Feels Right,” a collaboration with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount. The narrative of the 70s inspired single begins where his previous single “Dancing with Strangers,” an anti-hookup pop anthem, left off. “This Feels Right” is about finding your person and serves as,” a love letter to my wife,” Shada says.  

The track’s lush throwback soundscape is paired with a home video visual filmed at Disney. “I wanted the music video to be fun, upbeat, basically just me and Carolynn running around and having fun. Since the song is such a ’70s throwback, I wanted the video to feel almost timeless, and there’s no better place for a magical timeless vibe than Disney World, ha!,” Shada explained. “We had a blast shooting the video. We went to Disney with my brother-in-law Carson (who co-directed and was our main cinematographer) and his fiancé. We just put our weekend getaway on video. Sometimes mixing work and play is the best!”

Along with the release, Jeremy announced his debut album, “Vintage” due out October 1. The 12 track project will be an autobiographical journey through the decades and toward Shada finding his authentic voice. 

“As an actor, I am happy to be a faithful soldier,” Shada shared, “I enjoy being able to bring other people’s stories to life. But once I started writing music, I realized this was my way of getting to tell the stories that I wanted to tell,” Shada says.

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