Leah Kate Releases New Single “fuck up the friendship”

Featured Photo Credit: Grant Spanier

LA-based artist Leah Kate is known for bops that capture her self-confidence and determination. In her latest single, “fuck up the friendship,”  co-written with Sophie Simmons and Louis Schoorl (Charlotte Lawrence and Lennon Stella), Leah sings about her unbridled willingness to mess up a great friendship to explore the possibilities.

‘Fuck up the friendship’ was inspired by my experience falling for a friend who I never thought I would. I really valued our friendship, but the feelings were just too strong to ignore,” Leah shared. 

Like her successful May 15th bad idea” release, Leah creatively shot an accompanying video for “fuck up the friendship” that compliments the single’s retro, groovy, electronic pop sound. “And yet again, I created another home made video during quarantine. It’s supposed to take you through the mental state of falling for someone – I used abstract objects that are representative of love and friendship while also providing a nostalgic, vintage vibe. At the end of the day, I wanted to bring good, fun vibes to people during this time. Music unites people and I hope someone can get a good dance out of it :),” Leah revealed.

Watch the video here: 

Listen here: 

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