EXCLUSIVE: MAX Talks New Song “Missed Calls,” Upcoming Album and More

One of the most artistic, lively artists to see in concert today is MAX. He brings a certain energy every show that gets everyone in such a great spirit when he sings his anthemic love songs. Lately, MAX has been releasing a bunch of singles with the same color background scheme, which is yellow. MAX talks to us about his new album Colour Vision, which is due out September 18.

How are you doing today?

Doing pretty well. My wife just made beans on toast and I savagely picked it up like an avocado toast rather than cutting it with a knife and fork. She said it was a disgrace to her British culture and we laughed. I’m sorry to all my Brits out there I feel ashamed.

I know times are strange right now but what’s your message to listeners of your music and people to keep hope?

Well music to me uncovers painful feelings and also allows me to escape them so I hope my music can do both those things for the fans listening. Whether they’re ready to uncover those feelings and live in them or just escape them for a second to breathe.

You just released a new collaborative project called “Bad Boy.” What was it like working on that with Yung Bae, Wiz Khalifa and bbno$?

I was obsessed with the song and was working on some other stuff with BBNO$. He randomly asked me one day if I wanted to jump on the song and it was definitely a no brainer. I’ve worked with and been friendly with all of the artists involved so it was a pleasure adding some spice to an already incredible jam.

You also released a song called “Missed Calls” with Hayley Kiyoko. What does that song mean to you and what was the creative process like?

It’s one of those songs that you dig deep in your well of feelings from the past for and try to express some repressed feelings from another time. Acknowledging I felt this remorse for leaving someone years ago that was special to me allows me to feel even more free in my marriage. Sometimes we just don’t want to give attention to those repressed feelings. I sent the song to Hayley who I’d been friends with for years and she loved it and added her story in to the mix.

You’ve been releasing a lot of singles with a yellow background recently. Is this all leading up to a full body of work? How did you choose the yellow background theme?

Indeed my album “Colour Vision” drops September 18th. The yellow being the foundation to build around came from a reawakening of sorts after I was silent for 4 months due to a vocal surgery I had. It was the first time I knew I wanted to fully theme an album one colour to give a representation of hope, energy, positivity when I needed it most and felt I had lost my own light.

Do you have a favorite song you’ve released so far?

They’re all my little babies of course but “Love Me Less” has definitely been an incredibly unique and special song to put out on this album.

How have you been staying creative these past few months in quarantine? 

I’ve been lucky to have a little quaranteam with my partner Ryan who plays every instrument, records me, and produces and then my other friend Andrew who does everything video and lighting. We’ve been a great little team to keep creating and growing.

What are you looking forward to most once life is back to normal? 

Touring. I miss playing live shows so damn much. It’s just a piece of me that can’t be fulfilled in any other way.

If you could set up a fan in a setting for them to listen to your music, what setting would that be? 

Wow love that. I never really think about that but obviously experiences it live at a show with other fans and feeling the true energy and passion in person is the ideal. Feeling them experience at the same time as I’m experiencing it with them is the dream.

What’s one quote you’ve heard in life that you want to ECHO out to fans? 

“If you feel safe in the area you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the water than you feel you’re capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth. And when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about tin the right place to do something exciting.” – David Bowie

Watch the new music video for “Missed Calls” featuring Hayley Kiyoko now!

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