Ian Nelson Releases Second Single “Unfinished Conversations”

You may know Ian Nelson from the hit show, Teen Wolf and movies such as The Hunger Games and The Boy Next Door. Since landing those big roles, Nelson has been working on another artistic skill, music. We interviewed Nelson last year about his debut single and he’s back with his second single leading up to his debut album.

His second single, “Unfinished Conversations” alludes to past love that went awry, but at its core, the song is a self-empowering call to action that we–the individual–are the ones who create our reality. Although change can be daunting, we truly have the power to free ourselves from our own doubts, fears, and psychological limits, so we can begin a new chapter in life. A life where we are enough. A life with “no more unfinished conversations.”

Inspired by one of his favorite books Freedom from the Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Nelson envisioned a song that explored the unconscious, self-destructive psychological narratives we tell ourselves, that inevitably precipitate pain in our lives.

Stream “Unfinished Conversations” now!