EXCLUSIVE: Britton Buchanan Talks New Single “Better” and Upcoming Debut Record

Britton Buchanan has been active in the music scene since he first picked up a guitar at age 8. He grew up playing local venues and eventually bars, but when NBC’s The Voice reached out, he knew it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. 

The singer-songwriter went on to captivate the Season 14 judges and viewers to earn the runner-up spot. Since then he has been continuing to hone his soulful sound inspired by the soundtrack of his childhood. 

His latest release “Better” is an effervescent bluesy, rock track reminiscent of the late music legend, Prince.

We chatted with the singer-songwriter about “Better,” his forthcoming debut record, and more! 

Excerpt from the podcast:

All these experiences have led up to your brand new, single “Better.” What was the inspiration for that song?

We wrote this song with a group called Fly By Midnight that my creative partner, Derek Foreman, who produces, co-produces, and co-writes almost everything with me, he has worked with them for years. We wanted to have a write with them because we were like, ‘oh sure, we could come up with something fun.’ Then we wrote this tune, which we’re all so thrilled with. It is so classic and so fresh at the same time. It’s something that we’re really proud of and we had a blast recording it.

We had a session booked and Justin from Fly By Midnight had this verse idea. We were like, let’s chase it down and see if we can come up with anything, and we did and it’s called “Better.”

You are working on your debut album as well. What can fans expect from that?

We put out three singles already and then “Better” is coming out. We’ve got two more. Thematically and sonically, we’re just kind of setting up the theme. We are planning on having between four to six new songs as well of this record, so plenty of material left to go.

We just want to make something honest and fun, and something universal. Our goal was, let’s do something that people aren’t doing. What could that be? It’s a single-driven market. A lot of people are just releasing a song a month, and you know, there may be an EP. There may be a record, maybe not. How can we set ourselves apart? Well, I like these old people who put so much emphasis on making cohesive records and making records to tell stories and tracklisting and making sure everything was perfect, and the album was an art form. Well, maybe we could try that in this single-driven market? Let’s put out an album. No one else is trying to do that on a widespread level.

And so that was our idea – something hopefully different than the routine of just single to single. I’m hoping that people will find the work as a whole very cohesive and joyful. I’m just excited to be putting out a record.

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