EXCLUSIVE: Jordan Suaste Chats New Song “Hookup Culture” and More

If you watched the final To All The Boys I’ve Loved movie, then you might of heard Jordan Suaste’s song “If The World Ended Tonight” in the film. Suaste is celebrating his year anniversary of his debut song “Hookup Culture” by releasing a brand new version of the his song!

With its pounding beats, bright strings, and gorgeously shimmering synth tones, the fully produced version of “Hookup Culture” perfectly caps off the triumphant first year of Suaste’s music career. Now at work on his next batch of songs (due out later in 2021), the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist chose to share the newly reimagined track as a heartfelt thank-you to the many fans who’ve supported him so far on his journey.

We chatted with Suaste about his new version of “Hookup Culture.”

Since releasing the original version of the song almost a year ago, what inspired you to release it again as a new version?

“Almost exactly a year ago, I released the acoustic version of “Hookup Culture” and in many ways it changed my life, says Suaste. It was the very first time I ever put out music and it means more to me than words can describe. This song is really all about self love and setting boundaries- nowadays, the world is so caught up in online and social standards and I feel like a lot of people just want to hookup and have sex. I decided I’d write a song about loving yourself and knowing your worth and deciding to say you’re not really into it.  I’m very excited to finally share the produced version of this song with the world, a year later! It feels like such a full circle moment and the beautiful end of this chapter and the start of the next.”

If you could set up a fan in a setting for them to listen to your music, what setting would that be?

First, I would love to make sure it’s a safe space of course, but its always been my dream to surprise my fans.  I think it would be so fun to set up a dance space and then maybe play a little prank and surprise them out of nowhere!  

What is one quote you’ve heard in life that you’d want to ECHO out to fans?

My favorite quote that I’ve probably ever heard that has resonated with me for so long is, “ There is nothing to fear, but fear itself”!  I feel like this quote genuinely speaks volumes. it not only reminds me not to fear failure, but to keep on pushing and just to the best I can do, every single day.